User manuals

For quicker testing and easier use of the IMiS product, we have created manuals for users, administrators and developers. There you can find chapters about system requirements, installation, configuration and administration. All functionalities are described clearly and in detail. It is of high importance that the administrators and users address the issues appropriately. That is why manuals also include a chapter about troubleshooting.

Access to the manuals is password-protected. Upon an email request, you will receive a user name and password for accessing the manuals.

You can download the following manuals:

28.10.2017    IMiS/ARChive Server Manual
28.02.2018    IMiS/wScan Manual
28.10.2017 IMiS/Scan & IMiS/View Manual
28.10.2017 IMiS/Client Manual
28.10.2017 IMiS/StorageConnector Manual
12.05.2017 IMiS/StorageConnector Services SOAP/REST Manual
30.11.2017 IMiS/StorageConnector Services CMIS Manual
15.02.2017 IMiS/mDMS Manual
15.07.2015 IMiS/BatchScan Manual
15.07.2015 IMiS/Notes Interface Administration Manual