IMiS modules

The IMiS software product consists of modules for scanning, archiving, reviewing, routing, optical recognition, forwarding of documents, searching for documents, and application integration. They are easy to use and logically interconnected.

The IMiS/ARChive Server digital archive, the IMiS/Client for accessing the content and IMiS/Scan for capturing the content through scanner are required for the long-term digital archiving of electronic documents.

In order to ensure authenticity of the content from your applications, better access control, proof of origin and traceability of changes, consider the integration of DMS, ERP, CRM, BPM or other applications with the IMiS/ARChive Server.
The integration is carried out using the IMiS/StorageConnector software interface.

A comprehensive document management solution requires a wider range of modules.
Mass capturing of physical documents is carried out using the IMiS/BatchScan. IMiS/Scan is used for scanning of individual documents. IMiS/Avalanche automatically places the electronic documents on the appropriate locations in the application according to the settings and saves them to the IMiS/ARChive Server. Users can view the content using the IMiS/View or IMiS/Scan, which are integrated with the application. If the content files have been previously converted to text using the IMiS/OCR Server, users can search them by full text.

Our development follows the latest technologies and standards, focusing on wishes of our customers. Integration with applications and systems as well as the integration into the existing environment is easy.