IMiS modules

The IMiS software product consists of modules for scanning, archiving, reviewing, routing, optical recognition, forwarding of documents, searching for documents,
and application integration. They are easy to use and logically interconnected.

IMIS/ARCHIVE SERVER is a comprehensive solution for ensuring the safe, long-term storage of all types of objects of electronic origin and objects digitized using various digitization processes (such as scanning). It provides sustainability, integrity, orderliness, proof of origin of records and access to records for the entire duration of their storage.

IMIS/WCLIENT is a web client for accessing records and contents on the IMiS/ARChive Server. According to their rights for accessing records and metadata, users capture and manage records from various web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc.). It enables the logging of accesses and events over the archived records, searching by metadata and the full text of contents, acquiring authenticity evidence, and editing retention periods.

IMIS/CLIENT is a client used to access the IMiS/ARChive Server. It is intended for the capture and management of content of electronic origin or content digitalized using scan procedures. For simple and intuitive use, it’s integrated into Windows Explorer.

IMIS/SCAN provides scanning of black-and-white, gray and color documents, viewing and electronically signing documents. It supports the standard scanning formats
(multi-page TIFF and PDF) and the viewing of all the important graphics file formats (TIFF, PDF, JPG, GIF, BMP etc.). The efficient scanning of paper documents of various readabilities and quality levels is achieved wih settings of the scanning profile (resolution, color depth, brightness, sharpness, patterning, two-page scanning).

IMIS/WSCAN enables the capture of paper and electronic documents of whichever origin via ISIS optical scanners and various web browsers (e.g. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, etc.), and their digitization in any web applications. It supports the standard document scanning formats: PDF/A, multi-page TIFF and other important graphic file formats (PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP, etc.).

IMIS/MDMS provides adjustment of application appearance and functionality without any intervention in the HCL Domino application code or prior knowledge of the iOS and Android mobile platform specifics. The mobile application IMiS/mDMS Client provides real-time display and interaction with backend data and the HCL Domino application. The IMiS/mDMS Service enables centralized management and user control, and determines how the HCL Domino application will be used and how it will run on mobile devices.

IMIS/BATCHSCAN omogoča skeniranje večjih količin papirnih dokumentov. Med paketnim skeniranjem se avtomatično kreirajo dokumenti glede na ločevalni element (črtna koda, prazen list papirja, določeno število strani). Različne možnosti nastavitev profila skeniranja (velikost papirja, ločljivost, barvna globina, osvetljenost, ostrina, dvostransko skeniranje) omogočajo paketno skeniranje papirnih dokumentov različnih čitljivosti in kvalitet.

IMIS/AVALANCHE enables the mass transfer of electronic documents (or digitized contents obtained by different means) and the automatic routing of documents and data to various information systems (DMS, ERP, CRM, BPM, …), including archiving on IMiS/ARChive Server.

IMIS/VIEW provides viewing and electronically signing all of the important graphics file formats (TIFF, PDF, JPG, GIF, BMP etc.). It enables the viewing of all image files which have been compressed using the standard CCITT G3/G4, LZW, JPEG, JPEG2000, JBIG and ZIP algorithms, and has been adapted for viewing multi-page documents.

IMIS/OCR SERVER converts scanned documents into text during optical character recognition process. It recognizes the characters of a majority of world languages. It can be used as a mail-in service, in which the user receive the recognized text by e-mail, or in the HCL Notes/Domino environment, where it converts the recognized text into one of the selected formats and builds a Full Text Search (FTS) index for the needs of searching through the entire text.

IMIS/STORAGE CONNECTOR is an application program interface (API) for transferring objects (scanned documents and other files) between application servers and IMiS/ARChive Server. It is built around the widely-used .NET and Java software environments and contains a wealth of programming objects with an easy-to-use interface (API). IMiS®/StorageConnector Services API operations and their formats can be implemented on Apache Tomcat application server as REST, SOAP or CMIS interfaces and accessed via HTTP/HTTPS.