All functionalities of the IMiS product are also available for evaluation.
Through evaluation, you will discover advantages of use and recognise its suitability.

Access to the evaluation version is password-protected. Upon an e-mail request, you will receive a user name and password for login and file download.

You can use the manuals to better understand the functionalities and to perform evaluation more quickly.
We advise you to consult us before the beginning of the evaluation.

The following IMiS modules are available:

27.10.2017 IMiS/ARChive Server v9.8.1710
28.02.2018 IMiS/wScan v1.3.1802
27.10.2017 IMiS/Scan v9.8.1710
27.10.2017 IMiS/Client v9.8.1710
27.10.2017 IMiS/Storage Connector v9.8.1710
30.03.2018 IMiS/mDMS v1.8.1803