The Company

Our competitive advantage lies in the adaptability and interconnectivity of solutions, which are designed in accordance with the client’s business demands and existing environment.

We save our clients time and money. Collecting, routing and sending documents represents as much as 90% of all tasks in offices, with 7.5 to 15% of the documents being misplaced or lost. Searching for documents takes up 30% of our time.
As little as 15 minutes of lost time per day represents more than 60 hours per year per employee. In a company with 50 employees that amounts to 3,000 hours. If we take costs into account and estimate the hourly rate at gross €15, it means that we have annually allocated more than €45,000 for searching for documents alone.

We connect the best technologies into solutions. The technical excellence of our solutions enables the organization of business processes and documentation. By switching to an electronic method of working with documents, we reduce the duration of process implementation, increase work performance and enable faster business decision-making.

We obtained our first client in 1998. Today over 260 companies and organizations in
50 countries in the world are using an IMiS software product. Over 25,000 users are scanning, archiving, reviewing, routing and searching for documents with an IMiS software product.

We have the highest number of set-up systems for scanning and archiving documents in Slovenia. We are present in practically all branches of the economy, the public sector and national administrations.