IMiS/mDMS framework enables users to quickly mobilize their existing HCL Domino applications and consolidate them through one, virtual application portal.
It’s flexible and can be adapted to virtually any requirement without having to adapt the underlying application or mDMS component. It’s managed through IMiS/mDMS Service from where the connecting IMiS/mDMS Client receives all necessary information about function and look-and-feel of provisioned applications.

IMiS/mDMS allows HCL Notes users and developers to mobilize and access their existing HCL Notes/Domino applications through mobile devices without having to know anything about device’s platform and development specifics or modifying their applications in any way.

IMiS/mDMS showing application portal

It utilizes revolutionary “Application abstraction” approach where any application can be displayed and used through native mobile device application in similar way even if they look and feel totally different using them through HCL Notes client or web browser. Each Service instance can consolidate large number of different Notes applications throughout Company Domino Domain displaying them through virtual Application Portal.

IMiS/mDMS showing navigator

Its flexible design enables each application to be authored and designed by customer needs without having to modify the underlying application. Complex business logic already available in applications can be integrated to be called and executed directly from mobile devices thus honoring all the rules and settings different applications might have implemented.

IMiS/mDMS showing document view

IMiS/mDMS Client connects to IMiS/mDMS Service through internet in a secure manner utilizing all protection mechanisms HCL Domino server has to offer including PKI and latest SSL protocols such as TLS 1.2. It displays and interacts with the data transferred by the IMiS/mDMS Service based on the Configuration settings. Utilizing Device profiles it provisions different configuration bundles to each device/platform at login time which is best suited for physical constraints a mobile device might have.

IMiS/mDMS showing embedded views

IMiS/mDMS Service provides IMiS/mDMS Client look-and-feel configuration services, uses HCL Domino application connection extensions to access application data and provides extensions for executing actions within the context of Notes documents. It also provides access to archived content stored either embedded in HCL Domino applications (document attachments) or externally on different ECMs (currently IMiS/ARChive Server is supported, other ECMs will be added). Service Administrator also uses the service for license management and issue tracking/reporting.

Architecture schema:

IMiS/mDMS Architecture Schema

IMiS/mDMS Architecture Schema


IMiS/mDMS Client Portal page

IMiS/mDMS Client displaying a portal page with available application tiles

IMiS/mDMS Document View

IMiS/mDMS Client displaying a view with navigator and document collection

IMiS/mDMS Client showing a Document

IMiS/mDMS Client displaying a document with sections in landscape mode

IMiS/mDMS showing a Document

IMiS/mDMS Client displaying a document with collapsible sections in portrait mode

IMiS/mDMS showing embedded views

IMiS/mDMS Client displaying a document with embedded views

IMiS/mDMS Client showing archived content

IMiS/mDMS Client displaying access menu of archived content

IMiS/mDMS Client displaing Document Actions

IMiS/mDMS Client displaying access to available Document Actions

IMiS/mDMS Service - Datasets configuration

IMiS/mDMS Service application displaying Dataset configurations

IMiS/mDMS Service - Datasource sections configuration

IMiS/mDMS Service application displaying Datasource section configurations

IMiS/mDMS Service - Datasource configurations

IMiS/mDMS Service application displaying Datasource configurations