What we do

Our field of work is document management systems with emphasis on a subsystem for the imaging and archiving of documents.

We are developing our own IMiS software product for scanning, archiving, reviewing, routing and searching for documents, and for application integration. Technological perfection, modular design and simple interconnectivity with various applications are the main characteristics of the IMiS product. In addition to development, we provide implementation, integration and technical support for the IMiS software product.

Special attention is dedicated to the planning of document management system.

Optimal selection of IMiS modules, different options of process implementation, method of connecting with applications and the correct dimensioning of hardware are important topics, which are discussed prior to starting a project. Development and implementation of complete solutions in the field of document management.

By switching to an electronic method of working with documents, we reduce the duration of process implementation, increase work performance and enable faster business decision-making. An analysis of documents and processes aids in defining a data model on the basis of document profiling and the ascertaining of the rules, roles and circulation of documents (workflow of procedures).