Document management systems

The document management system enables effective management of paper documentation, a faster and higher quality flow of information, greater control over the implementation of processes, better insight into the cost effectiveness of business operations, the interconnection of information sources and conformity with the regulations in force.

In order to manage documents effectively, users need access to the document management system that enables electronic implementation of any process, a system that can be connected to the messaging system and applications, and that ensures all the important application functions for a quick and quality work.

Scanning of individual pages and batch scanning ensure quick capturing of documents. Documents are stored on the archive server and are included in the electronic processes.

Authenticity of document is confirmed using the user’s electronic signature. The latter guarantees authenticity of the documents and signed user, and ensures that the content has not been altered. The origin of the signed content can also be tracked. The existence of documents at a certain time and their integrity is confirmed using a timestamp.

The workflow enables optimization of document management, quicker and better awareness, an easy and systematic work with business documents, efficient control of business processes execution, exact traceability of the activities that have been carried out, …

The possibility of searching for certain parts of the archived documents allows the user to be more effective. The archive server performs optical character recognition of all scanned documents (OCR). The user can also save a lot of time with inserting the text of received documents, no need to retype the text.

Security of a large quantity of archived objects, reliable operation, quick and easy search of objects and the possibility to store them separately from the applications, are the main advantages of the digital archive.

The document management system can be connected to other applications and systems as well. The documents and data are appropriately classified. The user can therefore save a lot of time with entering the information.

The user can access tools for analysing the processes and data in order to determine bottlenecks in the process and can therefore optimize and improve the performed processes. To ensure better responsiveness of the document management system, viewing and analysing are carried out separately. Quality control of performed processes can be a good basis for establishing an efficient bonus system.