Become a partner

When developing software you often face the dilemma: should we develop by ourselves or work with a partner who has already developed a solution or functionality? We make decisions based on the difficulty of the solution, available resources, development orientation and available time. When troubleshooting a client’s problem, there is never enough time. If the solution is demanding and covers an area that is not part of your development orientation or you do not have the necessary resources to develop it,
it makes all the more sense to partner up with somebody who already has the solution and with whom you can work successfully.

We are convinced that you are good in the application field, but we are good in the Imaging & Archiving field. These are two fields that complement each other. The partnership would be of the greatest benefit to the users of your applications, who currently do not have the option of opening electronic documents directly from the application and are wasting their time by searching through, reviewing and approving paper documents. You would also benefit from it, as you are entitled to benefits from sales, which have a positive impact on your business results.

Check to see which area of our work is of interest to you and where you see the potential for business cooperation. Talk to us about the desires and needs of users, about their problems, about the application environment. By talking to us you will see that we are a trustworthy business and technological partner.