Knowledge, expertise and the ability to solve problems are important qualities of any technical team. The scope and difficulty of the work are increasing day by day, which is why a short outage of a system often causes great dissatisfaction and puts you in a bad mood. In moments like these, it is important that you have an expert available who will eliminate the error and set up a working system in the shortest time possible.

Technical support covers the area of the technical operation of a system, the interconnectivity of systems, user errors and software errors.

Software requires constant development and upgrades. It is therefore understandable that in a flood of various systems and their settings we are continuously faced with new and new challenges.

The IMiS software product is the result of our own knowledge and development.
Good knowledge of the design and operation of software presents a great advantage in the fast and effective elimination of errors and in taking into account the wishes of clients for new functionalities.

You can submit your questions of a technical nature via email.