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The central procurement process

The central procurement process is one of the key processes within an organization, as it contributes to cost reduction.

It connects several smaller processes that are implemented electronically in the document management system. It is important that we know where costs are being created and are able to successfully control them. The first act of control must take place early enough so that unnecessary purchases can be stopped or that better prices can be obtained from the suppliers by joint procurement. With a transparent procedure of selecting a supplier we can avoid the potential unilateral decision-making to the detriment of the company.

A suitable contractual relationship with the supplier is the basis for issuing a purchase order and the electronic verification of the suitability of supply, as regards quantity and quality.
The automatic verification of the sums of invoices and purchase orders eliminates the need to verify invoices anew.

The data, together with links to the scanned documents, are automatically transferred to the account book/general ledger. In the end the accounting department merely sees to the bookkeeping and payment.

All documents that are batch scanned are being stored in an electronic archive and are available for viewing during the process to authorized persons. We are always provided with information as to where the needs for the procurement of goods or services are present,
who is involved in choosing a supplier, how electronic voting took place, what the status of the contract is, who confirmed an order, when the received quantities of goods do not match the ordered ones, whether the sum of an invoice received is still within the contractual framework, etc.