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The authorization assignment process

The electronic implementation of the authorization assignment process in the document management system brings better transparency and consistency in implementing procedures for authorization assignment, control over employee authorizations and easier activities tracking. Complete control over software license use, notifications prior to contract expiration (licenses, maintenance, technical support) and license cost planning is just the icing on the cake.

In the document management system, we can assign an authorization for each employee, which can contain several types of profiles. Profiles are associated with application use, fixed assets, access to premises, special authorizations (by function, non-standard, etc.) that have a specified validity period.

The authorization document is a sort of folder that contains data on the employees, on the organizational hierarchy, cost center, … Assigned profiles are connected with the position of the employee, which is automatically obtained from the human resources records, along with the employee’s civil register data, information on the superior, department, tax ID number, cost center, etc.

Rights arising from profiles can be assigned/deprived dynamically via process actions. Notifying the profile owners, their superiors and IT administrators of profile status changes
(in the process of creating/implementing, waiting for signature, declined, valid, canceled) is done via e-mail. The entire history of the employee and all activities on the authorization document (who changed what and where) is recorded in the audit trail.