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Statute amendment of company IS d.o.o.

Company IS d.o.o. (full name IMAGING SYSTEMS, informacijski sistemi, d.o.o.), registration number 1689690000 and VAT number 95083235 and company MARG d.o.o. (full name MARG, inženiring d.o.o.), registration number 2010992000 and VAT number 84633301 have merged into a single company.

Company IS d.o.o., as the company being acquired ceases to exist as an independent legal entity.
Company MARG d.o.o., as acquiring company, enters all legal relationships where the acquired company is a subject, as its universal legal successor.

Company MARG d.o.o. has changed its name on the day of the merger 3.1.2023.
The new name of the merged compny is MARGIS, inženiring, d.o.o. (full name) oz. MARGIS, d.o.o. (short name).

Merged companies enter legal transactions with the name MARGIS, d.o.o.,
registration number 2010992000, VAT number 84633301 and
based at the following address: Tehnoloski park 18, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia.