News > New IMiS product version 9.5.1510 is available

New IMiS product version 9.5.1510 is available

We have published a new 9.5.1510 version of the IMiS/ARChive Server, IMiS/StorageConnector and IMiS/Client.

IMiS/ARChive Server
New functionalities:
• Implementation of AIP based on the modified XSD scheme.
• Improvements of ERS execution.
• Implementation of the user »sys:Server« for performing services on the server.
• Time stamping support according to RFC3161 specification.
• Implementation of the Revocation client in Java environment and server harmonization.
• »sys:Everyone« users’ group creation.
• Implementation of the digital certificate revocation verification on revocation data.
• LTANS service implementation.
• Timestamp, re-timestamp and Flush functionalities.
• NIST algorithm specification.
• Review process support.

Enhancements and changes:
• Improvement of LTANS configuration and administration management interface.
• Optimization of handling file storage settings.
• Optimization of using metadata names.
• Optimization of using templates.
• Optimization of the initialization of the inherited metadata value.
• Optimization of the creation of new entities.
• Optimization of copying content data on a suitable volume.
• Optimization of entity storage.
• Optimization of reading the data from the database.
• Optimization of entity collection generation.
• Recording review process policy changes in the audit trail.
• Eliminating limitations when moving an entity with a permanent retention period.
• Limited set of appropriate records with »Regular expression«.

New functionalities:
• Specify any retention period (permanent, archive, 10 years, 5 years, 3 years, 2 years, …).
• Adding, modifying and deleting retention periods and disposition holds or transfers are recorded in the audit trail.
• Changes of retention periods in the settings take immediate effect on all entities that have been assigned a retention period.
• Retention periods are exported/imported in the frame of the metadata of the entity.
• Specify the type of overview and retention policy, and prepare entities in the process of preparing for the review.
• Modifying and confirming actions (permanent retention, review preparation, disposition, transfer to a third party archive system), recording reasons and adding reviewer comments in the decision-making process.
• Recording reviewer decisions, their reasons and comments.
• Deleting entities after successful transfer to a third party archive system.
• Deleting entities marked for deletion in the implementation process.
• Inability to delete entities marked as permanent in the implementation process.
• Printing a list of entities with specified retention periods.