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New IMiS product version 9.8.1710 is available

In the IMiS product version 9.8.1710 the following functionalities, enhancements and changes have been implemented:

IMiS/ARChive Server
New functionalities:
• Implementation of plug-ins for content conversion.
• Implementation of automatic content conversion.
• Execution of operations on individual contents of entities (Move, Detach, Index, Convert);
• Enhanced functionality of synchronizing the user directory and authentication with external sources of directory services.
• Connection of the server storage of digital certificates to the Java environment.
• Implementation of prohibiting the adding of contents (StopAddingObjects) on the profile and volume.
• Implementation of adding the WORM attribute on the profile and volume.

Enhancements and changes:
• Enhanced verification of electronic signatures (CommitLog).
• Enhanced digital certificate management (deleted, untrusted).
• Enhanced verification of contents categorized under other contents on deleting content.
• Implementation of a generic LDAP plug-in.
• Removal of the Review role (replaced by the right to access the Reviews system folder).
• Changes to the concept of entity classification for timestamping.
• Implementation of a JCA provider for the needs of connecting the Java environment to the server structure of digital certificates.

New functionalities:
• Support for the operation of entity content management.
• Adding external identifiers on a legacy API via the Storage object.

Enhancements and changes:
• Support for the operation of moving entity content.
• Support for verification of supported archive functionalities.
• Support for encrypted content identifiers in the result of the AuditQuery method.
• Support for MIME types compliant with IMiS/ARchive Server 9.8.1710.
• Added ContentManagement role.
• AuthenticationException for locked users.
• Sending client version to the server.

New functionalities:
• Hierarchical (dependent) visualization of displaying saved contents.
• Move operation on entity contents (Move).
• Execution of content management operations (Detach, Index, Convert).
• Changes to record formats on export: lists of access rights, entity attributes, entity contents, and entity storage policies.
• Enhanced range of supported functions of the administrator interface for management of IMiS/ARChive Server.
– settings of separator characters in classification codes between classes, folders and documents for the archive’s individual storage profile (Archive)
– list of system settings of connections and external directories (Authentication)
– management of content access settings (Content)
– management of unstructured archiving settings (Legacy archival)
– management of content timestamping settings (LTANS)
– management of security mechanism settings (Security).

Enhancements and changes:
• Opening and deleting multiple marked contents simultaneously.
• Renaming content via a pop-up menu.
• Displaying content size in the Content tab on entity.
• Added settings for enabling synchronization (SyncEnabled) and external authentication (AuthExternal).
• Removed Review role on directory entity.
• Added verification of whether content has been indexed and signed or whether an AIP has been created.
• Added setting of prohibiting the adding of contents (StopAddingObjects) on the profile and volume.
• Added ContentMove event in the AuditLogSettings in the archive’s configuration.
• Added WORM attribute on the list of profile/volume properties.
• Added ContentManagement role on the directory entity (DirectoryEntity).
• Added setting of locking the directory entity (Locked).
• Displaying digital certificate content.