News > New release of IMiS/ARChive Server 10.2.2110 and IMiS/wClient 1.7.2110 modules is available

New release of IMiS/ARChive Server 10.2.2110 and IMiS/wClient 1.7.2110 modules is available

We’re announcing the new version of the IMiS/ARChive Server 10.2.2110 and IMiS/wClient 1.7.2110 modules with the following functionalities:

IMiS/ARChive Server 10.2.2110
New functionalities:
• Implementation of the user session “Statefull across stateless session”.
• The code adapted to the new compilers 8.x-GCC and OpenSSL 1.1.x (TLS 1.3 support, removal of weak encryption algorithms – TLS 1.0 and 1.1).
• The subsystem upgraded for content capture and indexing (Apache Tika 1.27, Apache Lucene 8.10.0).
• Validation of the archive server certificate [wAdmin].
• An alert for spaces in text fields [wAdmin].
• Setting the “Security context refresh interval”[wAdmin].
• Protected editing of settings [wAdmin].
• Searching by directory entities in the folder Access control [wAdmin].
• Showing information about the total available space [wAdmin].

Enhancements and changes:
• Changing the security class on closed entities.
• Expanding the audit log with the option of hiding entities.
• The current entity version as an optional attribute in the CheckOut request.
• Refreshing DirectoryEntitySession parameters.
• Improved coordination of entry with the WSDL scheme [wAdmin].
• Improvements in creating and editing a directory entity [wAdmin].
• Filtering the set of attributes of the directory entity type when defining access [wAdmin].
• Link to the current log file after making changes in administration [wAdmin].
• Improved view of input/output conversion formats [wAdmin].
• Choosing a delegate from the set of directory entities [wAdmin].
• Changing the name of the folder “Legacy archival” to “Object staging” [wAdmin].

IMiS/wClient 1.7.2110
New functionalities:
• Access to converted content in grid view.
• Reading collections with a handle.
• Displays attribute information in entity details.
• Option of selecting the attribute column to be displayed.
• Setting the theme and icon in the header of the user interface.
• Option of hiding and specifying the order of attributes in the search.
• Verifying the validity of wScan settings.
• Printing entity content.
• Export and import of decisions.
• Moving the position of dialogs and notifications.

Enhancements and changes:
• Transferring multiple email messages to the classification scheme simultaneously.
• Displays a notification after adding/modifying/deleting a reference.
• Searching for an archive on the login page.
• Dropping email messages to the archive.
• Keyboard use supported in edit mode.
• Removing all tagged attributes in the search settings.
• Displays review entities when editing.
• Refreshing the view in the “Preparing” state.