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New IMiS/wScan module is available

The IMiS/wScan program module enables users to capture contents via ISIS optical scanners and digitize them in web applications. It supports the standard scanning formats: multi-page TIFF, PDF/A and other important graphic file formats (TIFF, PDF, PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP, etc.). The scan settings (resolution, color depth, brightness, sharpness, sampling, duplex scanning) enable efficient digitization of paper documents of various readabilities.

The core of this web and modularly designed IMiS/wScan application is IMiS/Capture Service which, on the one hand, executes capture jobs (of paper documents via optical scanners or of electronic documents via a file system, etc.) and, on the other hand, provides services to arbitrary web applications via the HTTP/REST protocol.


The modular design enables capture from a different and heterogeneous selection of sources. Each module provides a certain functionality: for communicating with an optical scanner, for barcode recognition, for separating documents, for merging documents, for document conversion, for saving to the archive system, etc.


The IMiS/wScan product’s program interface is simple and intuitive. It has been designed on pure JavaScript technology.
It enables application developers full flexibility when integrating it into arbitrary web applications without using technologies of questionable security (ActiveX, NPAPI, COM, etc.).
Through integration developers will be able to descend to a sufficiently low level that will enable the necessary customizations. This will come especially in handy when the user will be unable to use e.g. constructs of the View (UI) level of the application due to technological conflicts with an internally used framework.