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New IMiS/wClient module is available

We’re announcing the first release of the IMiS/wClient module version 1.1.1805.

IMiS/wClient is web client intended for the capture and management of content of electronic origin. Via the web service IMiS/Storage Connector Services REST it connects to different IMiS/ARChive Servers. The archive server ensures secure long-term storage of documents and archived content along with the corresponding metadata. Users can access the content from any web browser.

Basic functionalities:
• Access to the IMiS/ARChive Server from any web browser.
• Safe user authentication on archive servers (SRP-6A, LDAP).
• Safe communication with the archive server via the SSL/TLS protocol.
• Records clearly sorted in the classification scheme.
• Access to entities and metadata in accordance with the Access Control List (ACL).
• Access to directory entities.
• Actions over entities.
• Content management.
• Archiving emails.
• Retrieving authenticity evidence.
• Searching by the metadata and full text of document contents.
• Management of retention policies and disposition holds of electronic records.
• Audit logging for accesses, events and changes on the archive server.
• Viewing the audit log is enabled for users with permission.
• Entering and editing the electronic record metadata using a predefined attribute scheme.
• Supports the IPv4 and IPv6 network communication systems.