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New IMiS product version is available

In the new IMiS product version the following functionalities, enhancements and changes have been implemented:

IMiS/ARChive Server 9.9.1810
New functionalities:
• Categorized reviews.
• References between entities.
• Document versioning.
• Implementation of a plug-in for synchronizing directory entities with SQL databases (MySQL, MSSQL, …) via a generic SQL plug-in.
• Copying content between entities.
• Supports delegate user login.
• A more detailed entity numbering mode.
• Supports attributes of the “directory entity” type in the Access Control List.
• Certificate Store management.
• Expanded set of attribute properties (Versionable, ReadOnlyAfterCreate, ReadOnlyWhenCheckedIn, ReadOnly).
• Supports communicating the archive version to the client.

• Supports the execution of operations on behalf of another user during a user session.
• Expansion of the “Binary manage” operation with binary transfer and binary clone.
• Copying existing content to the target entity (cloning).
• A modified java plug-in for synchronization and authentication.
• Manual/automatic generation of classification codes for folders.
• The ACL context expanded to the values of attributes of the directory entity type.
• Changes to the CertificateStore API and in the configuration.
• Expanded operation of ReadOnly attributes.
• Switching SRP6a and HTTP credentials on password change.
• “Label” data introduced into the Attribute object.
• Reconciliation of administration with WSDL changes.
• Use of fixed (hard-coded) counters for system entities.
• Introduction of the “ModifiedBy” system attribute.

IMiS/Storage Connector 9.9.1810
New functionalities:
• Categorization of an entity collection.
• References to linked entities.
• Entity versioning.
• Drafts.
• Separating ACL entries based on the Subject type.
• Returning the service version.
• Returning the service properties.
• Returning the selected type of entity identifiers via the EntityRead operation.
• Introduction of new ContentPart operations “Clone” and “Move” via the “Binary manage” operation.
• A user profile.
• Impersonalization under the StorageConnector.OPTION_IMPERSONALIZATION_USER_NAME option or the Authenticate event.
• Implementation of the Label ITemplate.getLabel() and IReadOnlyProperty.getLabel() methods.
• Implementation of the IReviewStub.hasAIP() and IReview.hasAIP() methods.
• Implementation of the IFolder.isChildClassificationCodeGenerated() method.
• Implementation of the IReadOnlyProperty.getReadOnlyKind() method.
• Implementation of the IArchive.authenticate() method.
• Implementation of the IArchive.createEntity method.

• Creating empty Read-only collections.
• XStream serialization with customized Converter classes.
• Returning a specific entity instance using the IArchive.openEntity() method.
• Improved reading of ArchivalInformationalPackage and EvidenceRecords.

IMiS/Storage Connector Services SOAP/REST 9.3.1810
New functionalities:
• Versioning.
• References.
• Categorization of displayed entities.
• Displays deleted/disposed entities.
• Implementation and management of reviews.
• Entity export.
• Displays entity import/export reports.
• Expanded set of operations over contents.
• Displays content in streaming mode.
• Limits the content size.
• Introduction of the attribute of the directory entity type.
• Displays the information on the number of entities in the collection.
• Displays the information on the user who last modified the entity (modified by).
• Modifying the user profile details.
• Adding and removing the user icon.
• Implementation of parameters for operations on a specific entity version.
• Reading the entity import/export logs.

• Modified user interface.
• Sends authorization in the URL parameter.
• Expanded set of directory entity properties.
• Information on the entity collection (size of the entire collection, start of page, page size).
• Information on access to entity collections (reviews, deleted, import, export).
• Improved content creation.
• Verifying the external digital certificate chain and hostname.

IMiS/wClient 1.2.1810
New functionalities:
• Supports entity versioning.
• Displays document drafts.
• References between entities.
• Displays categorized entity collections.
• Supports attributes of the directory entity type.
• Displays reviews.
• Displays disposed, deleted and queued entities.
• Entity export.
• Displays entity imports.
• Supports an indirect user login by delegates.
• Displays the delegate in the audit log report.
• Displays the number of entities in the collection.
• Preview of video and audio content.
• Sorts content into the target entity without transferring it to the client.
• Displays nested content in the entity creation/editing dialog.
• Modifying the user profile.
• Displays the directory entity image.
• Displays functionalities according to the service and archive version.
• Supports parsing and capturing information from the .msg Outlook file.

• Updated user interface.
• Improved dialog for creating/editing entities.
• Improved display of months and year in the date field.
• Supports searching by custom attributes.
• Redirects to a link when the session expires and on re-login.
• Moves classes under the archive root.
• Entering the classification code for a folder.
• Modified timeout settings for entity export.
• Setting the location for entity transfer/export.
• Improved display of temporary messages with a “cancel” option.
• Improved structure of the entity export report.
• Modified entity content copying mode.
• Modified display and format of the electronic signature verification notification.
• Improved selection of elements in a collection using a keypad.
• The set of displayed columns of selected attributes in reviews expanded with “Reason” and “Comment”.

IMiS/Client 9.9.1810
New functionalities:
• Sorting entities according to the values of categorization attributes.
• Establishing connections between different entities.
• Checking out, checking in (a new version or replacing an existing version) and discarding document drafts (versioning).
• Copying the content and sorting it into the target entity without transferring the content to the client.
• An indirect user login by delegates.
• A report on the delegate included in the audit log.
• Supports the hybrid entity numbering mode (e.g. manual numbering of folders with automatic numbering of folder documents).
• Use of attributes of the “directory entity” type in the Access Control List.
• Setting the operation of the Certificate Store and the mode of retrieving the statuses of digital certificates.
• Sorting by columns in configuration folders.

• The “Authenticity evidence” command linked with the AIP (Archival Information Package) system property.
• Real-time login of IMiS/Client.
• Use of IArchive properties.
• Separating ACL entries based on the Subject type.
• Displays the total number of search results according to the access permissions.
• Expanded set of the default columns of selected attributes when displaying the Versions list.