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Marg and Imaging Systems entering strategic partnership and merger

Marg and Imaging Systems, two leading Slovenian companies engaged in the digitization of business and scanning and archiving software, have entered into an agreement on the strategic partnership and merger of both companies. Marg and Imaging Systems, which have over 40 employees combined and whose systems and solutions are being used by more than 300 companies and organizations from more than 50 countries, have generated €5.2 million in revenue in 2021. According to projections, their combined revenue will increase by roughly 50 percent by 2025, coming close to €8 million. Even after the planned merger, Adventura Investments will remain the majority owner of the company. The transaction is yet to be approved by the competent competition protection agency.

“Nowadays, companies are practically unable to do business and compete in the market without modern technological solutions. In recent years we have been witnessing an accelerated technological development; remote work, access to key data, signing documents and processing large amounts of data from anywhere in the world is now practically mandatory for all successful companies. Seeing that both companies are highly complementary, as their solutions complement and upgrade one another, the merger is the logical next step towards achieving the strategic goals even faster. This merger will give us a bigger competitive edge in future transactions on the European market too. Moreover, the new prospective staff will undoubtedly find our common story interesting and will want to play a part in developing business digitalization solutions,” said Grega Bernard, CEO at Marg.

“Just over 25 years ago, we had launched an idea that grew into a company five years later, marking the beginning of our story. Over the past two decades, my colleagues and I carried out many successful projects, which perhaps seemed impossible at first, but presented us with a major challenge. Today, Imaging Systems is the leading Slovenian developer of software for the scanning and archiving of documents, audio and video recordings, and other digital data. I’m convinced that we have found a partner in Marg that shares our vision and that this merger will begin a new, bigger story for both companies,” said Albin Žerko, CEO at Imaging Systems, who will retire this September. He has also mentioned that the key management personnel who have greatly contributed to the company’s success to date are staying with the company.

“Our joint plans for the future are very bold; the merger will also facilitate the further development of products and solutions at both companies, as we will combine the knowledge and experience of two of the best teams of IT experts in the country. The merger will also make it easier to invest in product development, while providing the employees with even greater opportunities for development and progress,” said Jurij Puhek, cofounder of Imaging Systems, who will be in charge of technological development in the merged company and will remain one of its co-owners.

Marg, which is a part of the Adventura Investments Group, was founded in 2004 and is now the leading Slovenian company in the field of business digitalization. Using Marg’s solutions, clients have full digital control of hundreds of millions of documents, performing hundreds of thousands of actions and digital signatures on them every day. Marg’s products offer a modern solution for the electronic management of documents, the automated implementation of business processes and for electronic document exchange. They are designed to support the business operations of organizations in a digitalized world. They cover all the major business processes and make the work of employees easier. Different types of documents are supported, as well as all the standard work procedures; the products enable cloud-based installation, multi-tenancy and mobility. The modern technologies and solutions BusinessConnect, GovernmentConnect, JusticeConnect and TeamStore developed by Marg are used actively by more than 50,000 users from large business systems and organizations in public administration, such as the HSE Group, the Bank of Slovenia, Generali Slovenija, Vzajemna, Cosylab, the Helios Group, ELES, the Ministry of Public Administration, the Financial Administration of the Republic of Slovenia, the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Slovenia, etc.

The origins of Imaging Systems date back to 1997, when the core of the current team began developing the IMiS software product; the company itself was founded in 2002. Imaging Systems has set up the majority of document scanning and archiving systems in Slovenia; the company is present in virtually all industries, in the public sector and civil services. Today, the IMiS software product is being used worldwide by over 260 companies and organizations in 50 countries; documents are being scanned, archived, reviewed, sorted and searched by more than 25,000 users from large business systems, institutions and organizations, such as the Porsche Finance Group, the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia, the National Assembly, many ministries and administrative units, the City of Ljubljana, Mercator, T-2, N banka, Narodna banka Srbije, Unicredit bank Srbija, Banca Intesa Beograd, etc. IMiS enables companies and organizations to easily transition to the electronic management of documents, shortens the process implementation time, increases work efficiency, and enables faster and more comprehensive business decision-making.