News > New IMiS product version 9.7.1610 is available

New IMiS product version 9.7.1610 is available

The IMiS product 9.7.1610 version has the following new functionalities, improvements and changes:

IMiS/ARChive Server
New functionalities:
• Authentication using LDAP (username/password) and Kerberos5 (service ticket).
• Synchronization with the LDAP server.
• Implementation of LTANS functionalities for Legacy API.

Enhancements and changes:
• Physical content data inheriting.
• Synchronization customization and deletion of Directory objects.
• Synchronization and authentication plug-in rebuild.
• Instantiation and deletion of Archive object rebuild.
• Deletion role removal.

New functionalities:
• Enterprise authentication: LDAP (username/password) and Kerberos5 (service ticket).
• Secured connection over SSL.
• Show remote certificate used for secured connection over SSL.
• Export of property ACL entries.
• Progress bar when printing Classification schemes.
• Progress bar when using Audit trail report.
• Progress bar when using export/import actions.

Enhancements and changes:
• Deletion role removal.
• Preferences dialog changes for secure connections.
• Entry ACL subjects stored alphabetically.

Enhancements and changes:
• SSL protection for server traffic.
• LDAP and Kerberos authentication.
• Deletion role removal.